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PAN! Our Music Odyssey

PAN! Our Music Odyssey

PAN! Our Music Odyssey - The 86 minute

 Between 1939 and 1945, during World War II, developed nations savaged one another: the planet was on fire. In Trinidad & Tobago (the Caribbean) underprivileged urban gangs stole oil drums & create a new musical instrument.

The Pan is born!

Immediately steelbands mushroomed in every corner of the planet.  Still, Trinidad remains the Mecca, where each year philharmonic orchestras of over 100 musicians, many coming from all countries of the world, compete for the greatest Pan event: the Panaroma.

This film is the story or men and women who staked all on their art, of French, Japanese and Americans, whose passion and daring has drawn them to the world championships.  It is a global human adventure out of the ordinary.

Their stories are interlaced with re-enactments of the rags-to-riches tale of the steelband movement, which was born into poverty and violence but climbed to the highest levels of social and artistic acceptance without loosing its life-or-death urgency.

The dramatizations constitute a continuous narrative thread, which focuses on a pivotal moment in the history of pan, between 1946 and 1951. In this story a 19-year old man nicknamed Goldteeth and his brother Roy, steal two 55-gallon oil drums to make their instruments, rather than the traditionally smaller paint cans, their violent struggles with the police and the ferocious rival band the Red Army to finally transcend these wars in a peaceful musical battle.


A major national event, at carnival time, where each steelpand competes with each other.  This is the Mecca of steelband orchestras.  The 50th Anniversary of the creation of this event was in 2013.

 PAN or steelpan / steeldrum:

It is the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago.  It is built from one or more oil drums.  The instrumentalists play with sticks with rubber ends.  The drum is cut according to the sounding effect that his size will create.  The upper part, which is cylindrical, is curved accordingly to provide high or low keys.  The convex contours are then shaped for each note the smaller the surface the sharper the note will be.


It is an orchestra assembles with various kinds of Pan. There are more than one hundred bands in Trinidad and Tobago. From yards to villages, everyone has a streelband. Composed of beginners to professional musicians.  The larger size orchestras reach 150 players.

Trinidad and Tobago:

Facing Venezuela, they are composed of two islands, the most southern of the archipelago of the Lesser Antilles, whose capital is Port of Spain. The official language is English.

A transmedia Approach

Hundreds of thousands of passionate steelband (pan) practitioners all around the world with close to three thousand (3000) steel orchestras in the US, one hundred (150) in Switzerland a hundred in Japan, South Africa, UK, France, Canada and practically in any other country are perfect first targets for viral promotion and social network dissemination of our project, which is planned to go beyond this first circle to Caribbean lovers, world music aficionado and ultimately mainstream public.

  • The 80-minute docu-drama completed in June 2014.
  • A series of 52 minutes documentaries for TV Networks, using part of the 80-minute movie through the stories of charismatic characters, with images of reenactment stories from the 80 minutes docudrama. PAN! Notre Odyssee Francaise in coproduction with France O and PAN! Our African Odyssey with the funding assistance of the ACP Film program from the EU. The ones for USA and Japan are in discussion with TV network.
  • An App for mobile phones and related media similar to the model of Guitar Hero to be developed.
  •  A CD /DVD/booklet box set with soundtracks including the theme single “Street Calypso” with a booklet illustrating the history of steelband.

  • Creation of events including live performance of steelband around premiere and festivals (such as Sunny Side of the Docs in June 2014 to launch the project.

  • Development of a PAN! show broadway style with the internationally renowned artist Peter Minshall.

Technical Rider Planning

5.1. Title: PAN! Our Music Odyssey

Genre: Docu-Drama

Duration: 86 minutes with 52 minutes Television derived edit for specific countries

 Author: Kim Johnson

 Directors Jérôme Guiot and Thierry Teston

 Executive Producer: Caribbean Music Group

 Delegate Producer: Maturity Productions

 Co-Producers: Winds and Santimanitay

 Producer: Jean Michel Gibert, Barthélémy Fougea and Kim Johnson

 Format: HD

 Production Location: Trinidad

 Production Schedule: February 2013 to September 2013

 Post-production Schedule: October 2013 to May 2014

Language: English for Original version /doubling and subtitle for French version / subtitle for English version/ voice over of subtitle for Spanish version

Completion date: JUNE 2014 for French version / August 2014 for English version / March 2015 for Spanish Version

 Main sponsors: Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism/ Trade Industry and Investment/ Tourism /Trinidad  and Tobago Film Company  (TTFC)/Tourism Development Company (TDC).

 Broadcaster: France Television/France O (February 2015).  Available for Acquisition for the World minus France. (France possible in second window).


5. 2 Title: PAN! Notre Odyssée Française

Co-Producers: France O

Production Location: Trinidad and France


Production Schedule: October 2014


Post-production Schedule: November 2014 to January 2015


Broadcaster: France O/Premieres outré-mer (February 2015)


5. 3 Title: PAN! An African Odyssey

 Director: Dr. Kim Johnson

 Production Location : Trinidad and Nigeria

 Production Schedule: Nigeria Nov 2014

 Post-production Schedule: December 2014 to June 2015

 Completion date: June 2015 with the participation of the ACP Film Program for the EU. Available for pre-acquisition and acquisition worldwide.

 Jérôme Guiot  – Director . The Belgian winner of the 2013 Victoire de la Musique with Formidable from Stromae.

 Dr. Kim Johnson – Author/Director of PAN! an African Odyssey.  Writer of several books on the history of steelband.

 Barthélémy Fougea – Producer.  The 2014 César-winning producer of the Best Documentary “ On the Way to School” and founder of Winds www.windsfilms.com 

 Jean Michel Gibert – Producer.  Based in Trinidad since 25 years founder of Maturity Productions.




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